Pretty pretty please..If you ever ever feel...

"Pretty pretty please, if you ever ever feel, like you're less than are perfect to me."

By no means am I perfect. At all. But through everything I've experienced so far, I've come to terms with this fact. I've also learned that no one else is (as much as I would love to believe so).

I make mistakes, and that's why I understand that you do too. I don't ever "accept" people the way they are. I love them the way they are. Of course everyone can learn, everyone can change. But if you don't, that's absolutely fine with me.

Every single human being on this planet, is just that..a human being.
I don't expect anything of anyone that I cannot expect from myself. I find perfection in every mistake I make, and every mistake you make.

Because I know that I judge, I gossip, and I lie.
But I love, I listen, and I live my truth.

"We are led to those who help us most to grow...if we let them"

"Who can say if I've been changed for the better? But because I knew you,
I have been changed..for good."

It's so easy to thank people who have changed us for the better. It's funny to think, had we not met certain people, we wouldn't be who we are today. Good or bad, when someone changes you, do not forget it. But the thing is, we forget that learning is a two part deal.

Unless you let someone affect you, unless you let yourself learn from someone or some experience.. you wouldn't ever change. We have to make that decision, because like Oprah says, "There is something to be learned from every experience."

Change is a choice.

"Wonderin why we bother with love, if it never lasts...."

Infatuation is not a real concept.

When people say, "you weren't really in love," or "you're not really in love," they have noo idea what they're talking about. I hear these conversations all the time. And the problem is... no one can ever say that. Sometimes I hear parents say this to their broken hearted daughters. Sometimes I hear girlfriends say it to their love sick best friends.

The thing is, love is an emotion right? And if you feel you love someone, then you do. When someone tells you what they feel, believe them. (This is branching off of Maya Angelou's quote, "When someone shows you who they are, believe them"). Because regardless of whether or not a relationship is bound to last, when people think they're in love, they are. Logic, probability, and time have nothing to do with it. At all. Emotions are beyond irrational.

To the people who feel they know you better than you know favorite response to them is: And you just really have no idea .

"Where Are You Going?"

Just finished watching the documentary "Waiting for Superman."

It exposes problems with the public school system, but more importantly, it focuses on the effects of these problems on individual children.

A lot of the time, it is much easier to focus on the millions of people being affected by something. But once it gets down to the individual, people turn away. Because all of a sudden, they can actually relate to the issue.

It is soooo easy to read an article that states only 40 percent of low income children will graduate from college, and shake your head at the statistic. But imagine, seeing a child who so desperately desires to go to school, who so desperately desires an education that I, personally, have taken for granted. That's when it becomes real.

Even passed the actual message that the documentary intends to send out, there's an even more important underlying message: The voice of one person in a room of people who are actually listening, is louder than the voice of a crowd with no audience.

Think of this... If we wanted to see the true results of the rising unemployment rates in America, there is more to be learned from the single father trying to make ends meet, versus some New York Times article written in attempt to shed light on the issue.

In order to genuinely shed light on an issue, you cannot be dettached from the effects of that issue. When you're able to empathize or even relate, that is when you see the truth. That is when people see the truth, and that is when people can start change.

Lesson Learned: I cannot forget that every number, every statistic, every fact, there is a human being behind that evidence.